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Star Portal, an e-business solutions company designs and develops a complete e-business suite of fully customised Software e-business & Web solutions to meet the specific needs of your business/organisation. We have expertise in developing industry-specific e-business solutions that empower businesses with a functional, flexible and low-cost route for implementing their strategies. We have created applications for major clients across all industries. Our e-business suite includes the following:

Search Engine Ranking/Internet Marketing Consultancy Services

About 85% of the Websites are discovered through search engines and good Website rankings are absolutely necessary for optimum visibility on the Net. Star Portal ensures top slots on all major search engines and drives traffic from the Web to your Website. We stay up-to-date on latest search engine technologies and follow the most ethical methods…. So that our clients never get black-listed for spamming. We also specialize in Internet Marketing services such Link Popularity enhancement, Pay Per Click Campaigns & other related areas.

What We Do

Search Engine Optimisation 

Search Engine Submissions 

Paid Submissions to Search Engines 

Pay Per Click Campaigns 

Designing Search Engine Friendly Websites 

Submissions to Country-Specific Search Engines 

Submissions to Industry-Specific Search Engines 

Enhance Link Popularity 

Improve Website Search Engine Rankings 

Online Media Campaigns

Star Portal combines seasoned Web-marketing strategies with latest technologies to provide a complete suite of SEO and Internet marketing services for companies in need of increased search engine visibility.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of choosing the targeted keyword phrases related to a site, and ensuring that the site is ranked well when those keyword phrases are part of a Web search. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances of that site being found by the search engine.

Our case studies show the top search engine rankings we have secured for our clients across all industries. However, the factor that distinguishes Star Portal from most other search engine optimisation companies is its strict conduct of ethical practices. We do not believe in Spamming search engines to secure high search engine positions for our clients. The company does not encourage comment tags, doorway pages, invisible text and other modes of Spam. 

The company follows an unparalleled reporting methodology, wherein the client is involved and informed at every stage of the search engine promotion, right from keyword identification to current search engine ranking reports.

 B2B & B2C Portal Development

Star Portal designs and develops B2B & B2C portals and our suite of services features a number of applications and tools that make your Website totally user-friendly and dynamically manageable. Our B2B portal solutions provide clients with a suite of Web services, including applications and e-commerce support, for developing customised and integrated e-business hubs. Star Portal also develops B2C portals so that companies can effectively reach out to target customers, consumer or communities. We provide a full-service starting point that can be further developed and customised as per the specific requirements of a client.

e-Commerce Solutions

We have a suite of technology-driven e-business solutions to help businesses transact with customers and suppliers efficiently; reach out to newer markets; generate healthier, higher revenues and manage the complete sales process online. From setting up online shops and generating product databases to providing a host of services such as secure transactions, order tracking, discount functions, currency conversion and tax/shipping calculations – Star Portal can take care of all your e-commerce needs.

Intranet & Extranet Solutions

In today’s business environment, enterprises are all too keen to achieve increased team productivity and superior organisational efficiency. It is, therefore, almost imperative to develop an in-house communication and management system that helps you access critical information & relevant people, manage documents and integrate day-to-day operations and work processes. Combining innovative designs and leading-edge technology, Star Portal develops a complete suite of Intranet solutions in sync with its clients’ business objectives. With the help of requirement-specific Intranet solutions, your company/organisation will be connected as never before, while team members can take part in planning, collaboration, strategizing and decision-making. Stay organised, simplify the internal management system and enhance productivity with the best Intranet solutions available.  

As more and more consumers and businesses go online everyday, it is of critical importance to develop an effective and secure communication system to stay in touch with your clients and business contacts. Sending e-mail messages may not be always enough, especially if a large volume of information must be shared with multiple users, authorised to access the same. Star Portal can customise secure extranet solutions for your business associates, clients, suppliers, distributors and wholesalers, ensuring maximum benefits and profits.  

Document Management System

Leveraging information assets is extremely vital for streamlining workflow and managing production capabilities. Keeping that in mind, Star Portal has developed a fully automated Document Management System, intended to serve every organisation with multiple computers. The system enables companies to effectively manage their documents – created and updated by different people throughout the organisation. The task is carried out through a single common platform that is both secure and user-friendly. The application allows unrestricted document sharing and free interaction among users through message boards/e-mail. Star Portal offers a unique information systems integration, ensuring the highest degree of productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

e-CRM Solutions

The CRM (customer relationship management) marketplace is evolving fast and instead of mass-produced, transaction-centric models, enterprises now focus on totally customised packages for building long-lasting and value-added customer relationships. Star Portal’s broad suite of customer interaction solutions ensure that you develop, manage and measure customer relationships in the best way possible and provide your customers with quality and efficient services. Once the relationship is strengthened and the customer base becomes more loyal, it is sure to drive your overall business profitability.

Star Portal offers applications and seamless synchronization of front-to-back-office capabilities, designed to give an enterprise firm customer support on the Web. Star Portal delivers just the right solution/tool for your business so that you are able to offer premium services to each of your clients and thus meet your e-CRM goals.

Supply Chain Management

The growth of Web-based business applications has made it mandatory for companies to redesign the marketing and distribution procedures. Businesses today opt for extended supply chains and deal with numerous suppliers, distributors and other partners. Coupled with robust security, Star Portal’s scalable, highly integrated and totally customised supply chain applications help companies streamline their business, reduce costs and build more productive sales and distribution networks.

Sales Force Automation

Star Portal has created proven sales management solutions designed to drive the fastest ROI for companies seeking to improve their sales performance. We offer a suite of leading-edge tools and applications to help you automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation. The activity-based workflow solutions define, guide and track best sales practices that, in turn, keep your sales figures escalating.

Workflow Management Solutions

Star Portal’s highly scalable and completely customised workflow solutions cover all aspects of business process management. We aim to serve as a robust enterprise platform for managing people, applications and systems in order to provide our clients with significant competitive edge. Star Portal focuses on a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements before developing tailor-made tools that seamlessly integrate with the existing interface and perfectly fit the industry verticals. Our solutions help combine a company’s know-how and information system for the smooth running of production, distribution and management.


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