In today’s economy, companies need to do more with less and do it faster and more efficiently than ever before. To boost their chances of success in the New Normal, companies are focusing on improving control over all aspects of spend while adapting their organizations and processes to become more agile than ever before. Many are leveraging technology-based solutions to streamline their procurement processes and savings across categories. But many lack the tools needed to proactively drive compliance. And, as a result, half of all negotiated savings never make their way to the bottom line. In addition, legacy processes, systems, and technical resources don’t allow them to develop global procurement strategies. In the face of such daunting challenges, what is a company to do?

Why Procure-to-Pay
Effective business requires effective tools. When you need to control your business while staying agile, you need flexible tools that allow you to dial up or down the resources you need as you need them to achieve your goals. There are few areas within a company more dynamic than the procure-to-pay process. Yet many companies continue to rely on antiquated methods and infrastructure heavy solutions to manage it. There is a better way. A unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Procure-to-Pay will help you stay flexible where it really counts while ensuring control and compliance between your vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers, and finance organizations. You can scale your resources to dynamically manage suppliers, processes, budgets, approvals, and payments on a global basis.

Languages, ERP systems, and business locations are no longer concerns since all you need is a computer connection. And, the processes are secure—currently used by some of the world’s largest and most security-conscious companies and government agencies.

Procure-to-Pay deployment is by configuration versus customization—making it much easier and less resource-intensive to maintain. Delivered at a lower cost than other delivery methods, Procure-to-Pay comes with best-in-class features that are automatically updated with each.

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